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Paul Thomas appears to have everything a man could want: a great job teaching at the college level, stability, and a blossoming relationship with a beautiful young woman. Underneath the façade is a tragic past. Paul’s father had been killed in the military, followed by his mother’s death, for which he is responsible. Worst of all is the unrelenting hatred directed at him by his brother, Sam, his only remaining family. Sam chooses to isolate himself until he realizes that he exists in a prison of his own making.


To break his personal stalemate and get back at his brother, he decides to kidnap Cora, the woman Paul loves. The relationship between brothers becomes increasingly volatile when Cora almost dies during an escape attempt. The roles of hero and villain become increasingly blurred as both men strive in desperate attempts to move beyond their tormented pasts. The backdrop of the Rocky Mountains of Northern Montana provides the setting for their ultimate confrontation.

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Becomes A Horseman

Finalist for the 2017 Nancy Pearl Fiction Award

Paul Thomas, a man seeking a break from his troubled past, stumbles on a beautiful young woman who has been severely beaten, near death. His attempt to help her threatens all the stability and control he is striving for as she learns she is a pawn in a desperate game played by shadowy forces. A father’s lust for the vast mineral resources underlying Montana’s Blackfeet Nation drives his son, her lover, to madness and malevolence.


Becomes a Horseman is a vivid but harrowing triumph, a worthy sequel to Headwaters. Love, hate, and guilt are all present as the reader is transported to a gritty panorama of revenge and redemption. It is a story set in the magnificent splendor of northern Montana.

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The Earth's Backbone

On the cusp of earning her Master’s in Education, Lizzie O’Connell finds her life at a point of divergent paths. Should she slip effortlessly into an affluent world of privilege and predictability, or should she search for more?

Her dilemma is urgently focused when her older sister Ellie is nearly murdered in Northern Montana while being stalked in a blizzard by an ex-boyfriend. Lizzie is immersed in a different world where she becomes intensely involved with Win Sanders, a complex Blackfeet man. Lizzie will learn morality is not black and white, that cultural differences can threaten even the strongest love and devotion... And hatred, combined with despair, is often integral to the human condition.

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